Hedge fund prize offers $1 million to cure…aging?

by HedgeFundsX on September 15, 2014

A hedge fund manager is the latest to embark on one of the most ancient of human quests: immortality.

Joon Yun, president of $1 billion health care-focused Palo Alto Investors, announced a new prize last week that will award $1 million to researchers who can “hack the code of life and cure aging.”

“The current health care system is doing a remarkable job addressing the diseases of aging,” Yun, also a trained doctor, said in a statement. “However, doing so without solving the underlying process of aging produces escalating effects on health care … Read More »

Ex-Amaranth Trader Reaches $750,000 Settlement With CFTC

by HedgeFundsX on September 16, 2014

A former Amaranth Advisors LLC trader agreed to pay $750,000 to settle a Commodity Futures Trading Commission lawsuit claiming he tried to rig prices of natural-gas contracts.

Brian Hunter’s settlement avoids a trial that was scheduled to begin next month. Under the agreement, which “fully resolves” the commission’s claims against … Read More »

Hedge Funds’ Investing Prowess Doesn’t Live Up to Billing

by HedgeFundsX on September 16, 2014

Hedge funds haven’t done much for investors lately. And “lately” in this context starts years ago.

The past couple of months have been less than kind for many hedge-fund managers. In March and April, the industry experienced back-to-back declines for the first time in two years, according to industry tracker … Read More »

Calpers to Exit Hedge Funds, Divest $4 Billion Stake

by HedgeFundsX on September 16, 2014

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System plans to divest the entire $4 billion that it has with hedge funds, saying they’re too expensive and complex.

The decision to eliminate 24 hedge funds and six hedge fund-of-funds, isn’t related to the performance of the program, said Ted Eliopoulos, the interim chief investment officer. … Read More »

FINANCE More: Features Olive garden Darden Restaurants Hedge Fund Manager Publishes Dizzying 294-Slide Presentation Exposing How Olive Garden Wastes Money And Fails Customer

by HedgeFundsX on September 12, 2014

starboardStarboard Value, a hedge fund that owns about 8.8% of Olive Garden-owner Darden Restaurants, just published a massive 294-slide presentation outlining ways the company can make more money. 

Starboard’s argument walks through an array of financial and restaurant-level suggestions that Starboard has for Darden.

For example, … Read More »


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