Is Anyone Watching the Stampeding Hedge Fund Herds?

by HedgeFundsX on April 23, 2014

Hedge Funds started out as an investment vehicle for the ultra-wealthy to protect their capital while providing greater upside potential.

The word “Hedge” was used to illustrate that the investment fund would take contra-positions to offset potential losses if their “long” positions did not gain value or unexpectedly cratered.

We have come a long way. With incentives for hedge fund managers to earn 2 percent as a money management fee and 20 percent of the profits (You do that math and be floored by the money they could earn with a multi-billion fund and only … Read More »

Activist hedge funds target Europe amid increasing power

by Staff Writer on April 23, 2014

Activist hedge funds have tripled the amount of money under management in the past five years and are aiming their cash piles at Europe, according to research compiled by FTI Consulting and Hedge Fund Research.

Such funds managed more than $93bn (£55bn) last year, almost triple that of five years ago and 42pc up from … Read More »

David Einhorn takes stake in HFT-antidote IEX

by HedgeFundsX on April 23, 2014

David Einhorn takes stake in HFT-antidote IEX

Count David Einhorn on team Michael Lewis.

“Michael Lewis’s new book ‘Flash Boys,’ like all his books, is a fun read and is based on a true story. It brings attention to some areas of the market that can improve further, … Read More »

Bill Ackman Has An Herbalife Whistleblower On His Payroll

by HedgeFundsX on April 23, 2014

Bill Ackman has been paying a former Herbalife executive to the government and media information on the company’s activities, ABC news reports. So far the executive has been paid $80,000.

The hedge fund manager has said that he will stop at nothing to see multi-level marketing firm Herbalife’s stock go to zero. In December of 2012 … Read More »

Daivd Einhorn: Maybe It’s Time To Asking Questions Like, “Why The F*ck Did A Startup Texting Service Sell For $19 Billion?”

by HedgeFundsX on April 23, 2014

there is a clear consensus that we are witnessing our second tech bubble in 15 years. What is uncertain is how much further the bubble can expand, and what might pop it. In our view the current bubble is an echo of the previous tech bubble, but with fewer large capitalization stocks and … Read More »


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