Assets or liabilities?

by HedgeFundsX on August 1, 2014

FINANCIAL crises may seem a familiar part of the economic cycle, but they rarely repeat themselves exactly. In the 1980s the locus was Latin America; in the late 1990s, Russia and South-East Asia; in 2007-08, American housing and banks. Now, some worry that the next crisis could occur in the asset-management industry.

The industry manages $87 trillion, making it three-quarters the size of banks; the biggest fund manager, BlackRock, runs $4.4 trillion of assets, more than any bank has on its balance-sheet. After the crisis, regulators tightened the … Read More »

Hedge funds bet on Argentine recovery by piling into stocks

by HedgeFundsX on August 1, 2014

Some of the world’s largest hedge funds have been snapping up Argentine stocks, betting on an economic recovery in the country even though it defaulted on its debt for the second time in 13 years.

Hedge funds have built positions in Argentina’s energy companies, banks and telecoms operators in a … Read More »

Billionaire Republican Donor Pushes Argentina Into Default

by HedgeFundsX on August 1, 2014

America is arguably the most advanced economy in the world, but today it resembles a toddler who just accidentally pulled down the Christmas tree and set the house on fire.

That’s hyperbole, sure. But the fact is that one conservative American billionaire and a handful of American judges have just … Read More »

99% of Hedge Fund Managers Believe 2014 Performance will not match 2013’s Benchmark Return

by HedgeFundsX on July 31, 2014

Preqin interviewed 150 fund managers and 100 institutional investors in June 2014 to ascertain their outlook on the hedge fund industry as we entered the second half of the year. When asked to predict the end of year benchmark value in 2014, 99% of … Read More »

Profits Soaring After Disgrace at Cohen’s Hedge Fund

by HedgeFundsX on July 30, 2014

Three months after his once-powerful hedge fund entered a guilty plea to insider trading charges, Steven A. Cohen is doing quite well.

This summer, Mr. Cohen and his family rented a yacht off the Greek islands for a vacation. An avid art collector, Mr. Cohen attended Read More »


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