Are You a Hedge Fund Professional? Take Our Survey Today!

by Staff Writer on April 3, 2012

Are You a Hedge Fund Professional? Take Our Survey Today!In light of the new Hedge Funds Transparency Act requiring hedge funds to register with the SEC, theHedge Funds Exchange is doing some investigative work.

The Compliance Exchange recentlypredicted that hedge funds aren’t going to know what hit them when regulators come knocking on their door. The amount of extra manpower needed to cope with the demands of a regulatory inquiry could be devastating for a small to medium sized hedge fund.

If you work at a hedge fund, we want to know how the Hedge Funds Transparency Act is affecting you and your work.

Have you registered with the SEC? Do you believe you are well-equipped to handle a regulatory inquiry–or are you concerned? Have you hired in-house compliance professionals to deal with regulatory issues?

Answer these questions and more in our survey. Your feedback will be used to craft an exclusive report based on direct industry analysis.

Thanks for reading!

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